Testimonials from Our ALUMNI

These are unreducted from recent notifications and emails. We have been sent many benevolent testimonies from our students; too many to transfere and publish here.

I was so thankful for all of the staff of the Feuer Nursing Review. I had undergone the boards 3 (…yes, I said THREE!) times in the past until I made up to try to be cute and select the BEST nursing review out there, Feuer’s. Well, I am proudly to say…I treated the boards again and I Got the PASS!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your assistance. I can not explain my gratefulness near enough and can only speak you that what has been explained to us on courses is useful,Feuer Nursing Review is the BEST establishment and you just realize one more of my dreams to get the pass of the NCLEX!

Jenifer Mills BSN,RN

Hi, my name is Bianna Kantsepolskaya and I visited your course that started on March 18th. I just had a desire to thank you for assisting me to pass my exams from the first attempt. On April 13th, I hd passed my exam and it was undertaking really speaking. I had feelings that I had failed, nevetherless, two days later I received the best nresponse of my life. This morning my licence has been delivered to me
and it finally impressed me that I am a regestered nurse. Due to Feuer Nursing Review i get to know such a service known as My Canadian Pharmacy shipping drugs internationally. It is the most convenient way to make orders of drugs online!

Thank you
Bianna K

Good Morning,
I have written down this comment to say thanks to Feuer Review Program, It is a real assistance and I have passed my exam on 04/27/05. I am delighted that I attended this review on March’2006. It clarified a lot of information and make things as clear as a bell. I am foreign nurse, arrived from Ukraine. During past two years I had a lot of attempts to pass this exam and GOD assist me, because trasformed me to your review.

Thanks, again, and again,
Lyudmila Gralnik

I just wanted to inform you that I have passed my NCLEX exam yesterday 1/18/06.
My living city is Washington State and the outcomes become known within 24 to 48 hours.
As of today, 1/19/06, I become formally a registered nurse. Thank you ALL for combining such a unique and well – organized study program. I made an order of the CD version and I can honestly claim, if I didn’t wantch it, I would not have got the pass.
There were present a lot of questions on my test that were explained in this program.
I believe this program provids me with the assurance I needed to pass this exam.
Ome more time thanks to everyone who took part in this program but especially the lecturers.

Rozetta Ludwigsen
Anacorates Wa

I would like to thank the Feuer Nursing program. Without this program I would not have got the pass. I cfinished all of the homework tasks, the learning material was very detailed. I was so much confident in myself because i have attended this class.
I was so prepared. I recommend your course to any nurse who is going to take the test for license. I failed three times previously, I was investigating so many bspecial materials and information but I couldn’t find the way to systematize, but once I have attended your course I only studied your material and I have passed!
After one week of receiving my NY license I already have a job. The salary is great and the place where I will be working is very nice. Thank you so much !!

Dana Williams

Dear professor Angelica and all the other professors. “Thank you very much”!I would like to express my emotions but don’t have a pretty good idea how to share it because I have passed both NCLEX RN and PN that using only one attempt. Now I am really encouraged of Feuer Nursing Review; After visiting your overview course my anxiety was disappeared, my assurance was increased and also I had courage to come across with any question.

I am hopeful you can still remember me, Dear Prof. Angelica. On the third day of the overview course I visited you and stated a question about the MMR vaccines in relation with pregnancy and I spoke that it had a direct relation to it. I was pregnant for 2 months at that time. Now I am 5 months pregnant; also on the last day, when i said good bye to you. You spoke me that you are sure I will pass my exam, since that time I had only positive feelings for my exam. I am sure that I can proclaim anywhere, “Feuer Nursing Review is Wonderful”! Once again I give you thanks for your assistance and guideline, may our good lord will bless you all

With love and prayers,
Rosamma Jaison

PS I have got the pass both tests with the minimum number of questions RN 75 and PN 85

Hello There,
I am writing to assure you got my relation regarding my NCLEX.
I am thankful for you and professor Lim for broadening my mind and applying me the assurance along with my faith in God to ACE NCLEX. I undewent your overview program in September and Professor Liem came in contact with me almost daily and expediently answer to all of my questions until I started my NCLEX exam on 12/20/01 and PASSED. I have never seen a professor so attentive to the welfare of students. She is truly a GEM, an disinterested person and I would like Feuer Nursing Review to get to know that additionally to a thorough 5 day overview of the NCLEX, Professor Liem cheers for me long after until I pass the boards.I was going to take two six weeks Kaplan Review and failed both times.
I took 1 five day Feuer Review and ACE the NCLEX. WOW! I would like to recommend students not to spend their time purposeless and money realizing any other overviews or purchasing books because Feuer explains the content to NCLEX and Professor Liem and others compose the information in such a way to put them on the following shelf so that while doing NCLEX you can actually hear and see them because it is all there.

Roselyn Northover