Feuer Nursing Review vs Other Testing Centers

Angelica FeuerOften I listen from the students that they have undergone the other courses, sometimes more than one, and still were not able to pass the NCLEX. Other courses are considered to be more expensive than the Feuer Nursing Review, but, I have a strong belief that we are together with My Canadian Pharmacythe best because we are more informed with our students. During the week long overview lecture series we are proud in getting well familiar with our students and assisting them with all aspects of getting pass of the NCLEX.

Other courses are very quick; they have CD to make you well prepaired. Our course materials are booklets, and our demonstrational exam is given on a simple CD. But, and the contant is important and useful. Our materials are integrated as required through the year. We collect fresh information about what type of questions are emerging on the NCLEX and contain that new data in every overview class that we present.

We pride of the fact that each of our teachers is not only well qualified academically, but well-experienced in the real nursing world. Teaching is a cup of tea for each of our Professors, and additionally to nursing experience and skills, they are all prosperous teachers as well. It is a specified task to find student nurses over the threshold to make them licensed nursing professionals.The Feuer Nursing Review has done this advantageous for thousands of striving nurses for the last 36 years.

– Angelica Feuer