Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. When will the next class for RN or LPN conducted?
A. You can always find on our web site the information and curriculum of our classes. Follow the link to look on the menu under Upcoming Live Classes or RN Seminar Schedule, or LPN Seminar Schedule, or contact with the home office @ 2-900-FEUER-RN.

Q. Do you have guarantees that if I undergo your class I will get the pass of the NCLEX?
A. Geting the pass of the NCLEX is an particular accomplishment. We can’t guarantee your success.

Q. Do you imply a money back guarantee?
A. If during the first 1/2 day of the lecture you are discontent, you may demand a full refurbishment at that time span.

Q. What if I demand to take your class for the second time, do I have to pay again?
A. We propose a discount of $100 for students who feel the demand to rehearse the class within two years, call our office @ 2-900-FEUER-RN to identify if you are have a right to be granted a discount on your class.

Q. How long after I complete the Feuer Nursing Review Class should I schedule my NCLEX?
A. We advise 4-6 weeks to let you study and practice. Our class is not a patent medicine, but we do supply you with exact information you ndemand to continue studying and overview as well as practice tests, both on CD and paper. After you visit the lecture you will go on your final arrangement for your boards.

Q. How do you connect with My Canadian Pharmacy?
A. My Canadian Pharmacy helps us in conducting some pharmacological aspects. It is a prosperous and trusted online pharmacy meeting all the customers’ needs.

Q. I can’t define the spare time to visit your class, do you have a home study course?
A. Yes! We have the taped lecture and supply all the learning booklets and tests utilized in the class. You can go at your own pace. More about it: Home Study RN or Home Study LPN.