The Home Study Course for RN

Course for RNThe Complete Feuer Nursing Review Home Study Course for passing the NCLEX-RN

The following best thing is to be there…

We cheer on you to visit our vivid lectures because it has been manifested over time to be highly efficient in assisting students take the NCLEX exam. Nevertheless, if there are cases when you are not able to attend one of our vivid lectures, please apply our fully-featured home study class. We have composed a fully-featured class that contends our vivid lecture suites.

This is the information you will receive from our fully-featured home study class:

#1 The Feuer Nursing Review Lecture Audio CD

  • The lecture lasts 33 hours, traced live and then carefully redacted. The current version includes renewed material. New material has additional stresses on duties, overarching goals, legal concerns, and disaster conditions. Psychiatric contsins a new devision on multicultural nursing. NCLEX-providing questions are organized in combination with lectures.
  • There are 27 CDs with corresponding booklets My Canadian Pharmacy has purchased this course to be in touch with these aspects of medicine.
  • The lecture overviews 4 subjects: Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, Women’s Health & Maternal / New Born Nursing Psychiatric Nursing.
  • Study booklets are supplied with each subject to understand the lecture properly. The audio was digitally traced and professionally processed for exceptional sound quality.

#2 Our lecture notes, Study Booklets, and Practice Tests

Our research booklets are integrated and renewed annualy, and consist the exact information you demand to get to know how to pass the NCLEX-CAT. The study guidelines contain the ‘follow along’ lecture notifications observed above.

#3 Bonus Simulated NCLEX Exam on CD

You may receive bonus, a NCLEX-CAT Computer CD-ROM is added. This reaserching tool depicts the NCLEX exam experience. Created to operate on most PCs (Windows or DOS).

The Demontrational NCLEX EXAM consists of 100 of the latest NCLEX-providing questions; with responses and rationales for each question to improve your learning process and realization.


Buy our fully-featured home study class, and you will be sent your password for having access to our BONUS NCLEX QUESTIONS

Information for Success on the NCLEX

To be well made for the NCLEX you demand to study effectively for at least 3-5 weeks before your examination begins. Indentify real study objections that you can achieve in the concrete time span. Proper study will enhance your self esteem and reduce your fear. Investigate all of our materials, do not make a bee-line, or miss subjects. Make it for your best; your time, effort, and dedication, will pay off and give you the best chance of of passing the NCLEX.