Pharmacology Home Study Course

Pharmacology Review for the NCLEX-RN/LPN now on audio CD for Home Study!

Pharmacology Home Study CourseOur one-day lecture on 6 Audio CDs gives the main facts and aspects about the most general remedies of a new generation is likely to face in the clinical area. To benefit the student’s studying, medications are combined into great categories. Once medications categories are studied, it simplifies to bear a relation special medications to those categories or groups. Medications usage, side effects and nursing implications are observed. My Canadian Pharmacy Online has the same categories of drugs.

Almost over 100 of the most general medications currently utilized in health care are given in an easy to urealize chart format. These are the medications that you are most likely to face on NCLEX RN/LPN. Other theme covered contain: Role of the Nurse in Medication Administration, Different Methods of Administration, Factors that Affect Client Response to Medication, IV Therapy, Commonly Used Abbreviations, Measurement Conversions, Meds Iinteractions and Herbal Therapy. Stress is accented to amounting dosage of parenterals.

The new study booklet improves and fortifies your realization of pharmacology.

Free Preview

Listen now to audio samples online. Follow the topic below.
1. Antivirals
2. Geriatrics
3. Pediatrics
4. Untoward Drug Response
5. A Review Question

Home Study Pharmacology Course for passing the NCLEX is available online for only $89.00 (+shipping and handling).
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